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We need your help to continue to advocate and provide access to communities of color who are in need of dermatological care.

We are a digital health startup that is committed to improving health outcomes for underserved communities with various skin conditions to help reduce health disparities.

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High Disease Burden

Skin disease is the fourth leading cause of non-fatal disease burden in the world

More Than Skin Deep

People are impacted financially, mentally, socially and physically by their condition with people of color being most affected

High Prevalence

One in four Americans are affected by skin diseases, such as, psoriasis and eczema annually

Are You Ready to Join Our Community?

We’ve had an incredible response so far, and are doing everything we can to respond to dermatologists, estheticians and skinfluencers who want to join our community by sharing their story, becoming an ally or onboarding our platform in their medical practice or spa.

Are You Ready to Start Your Skin Health Journey?

We are uniting our resources around reducing health disparities for patients of color receiving dermatological care. Our platform is guided and makes sure you’re not on the journey alone. We know that supporting communities of color means making sure their skin concerns are being seen and heard.

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Come my way, Cerave!

After a recent visit to my dermatologist, I decided to give CeraVe’s PM Facial Moisturizing Cream a try.  It has one of my favorite ingredients, hyaluronic acid, and my dermatologist had recommended it to me since it also contains ceramides. Ceramides are lipid molecules that are integral in protecting the skin barrier. They help by […]

The Matcha Craze Has Made It’s Way Into My Skincare … This is NOT a drill

We all know that green powder called matcha has a TON of health benefits. For some of us drinking matcha is a Starbucks ritual (I’m personally guilty of this), for others matcha is just a fancier version of green tea. Yet, however you feel about matcha, it doesn’t negate that it has some great benefits […]

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